Discover the limitless potential of Generative AI for your business as it ushers in an unparalleled era of human ingenuity. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we empower individuals to break free from mundane, repetitive tasks, opening up new horizons of creativity and innovation. Join us in our consulting journey to redefine the way humanity works and lives, exploring novel and unimagined possibilities for a brighter future while still understanding the risks that come with that kind of power. 


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 “AI for Brands: Embracing the Future” explores how artificial intelligence can be utilized by brands to enhance their marketing strategies and connect with their target audience. It provides practical guidance on how to effectively incorporate AI into brand campaigns, including setting specific creative direction, defining brand voice and tone, measuring success, and establishing a feedback loop with the AI. The book aims to demystify AI and demonstrate its potential to shape and lead culture, improve brand experiences, and drive growth and enterprise scaling. 

“AI for Brands” was the #1 Free Kindle Release in thecategories of AI, Marketing and Computers & Technology.  


Is Your Organization Really Ready for AI?

We combine our expertise in AI with an extensive understanding of industry-specific challenges to create highly customized frameworks and solutions that drive efficiency, enhance productivity, and unlock new opportunities.

Our skilled professionals collaborate closely with clients to identify their unique needs and risk profiles. By leveraging advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technologies, we empower businesses to lean into the promise of AI and enjoy its benefits. 

We do this all with a keen eye on managing the risk such power comes with. Technical, reputational, financial, human, and even existential risks come into play — managing them in the context of a solid roadmap is key to succeeding in the next massive change to come to business. 



 We have created industry-specific assessments for exploring and reporting on an organization’s readiness in five separate subject matter areas: Organizational, Technological, Financial. Cultural, and Operational.  The Assessments give a detailed and prescriptive view of readiness, capability and gaps that could prevent your organization form succeeding, As much as the benefits, it will also highlight the risks that must be managed to succeed in an AI transformation. 


Our strategy service guides you through the ever-changing AI landscape, ensuring your competitive edge. To do this, we craft unique, comprehensive roadmaps tailored to your organization’s needs while providing continual support.

We manage your journey through strategic program plans with a strong focus on measurable outcomes. Using tools like KPIs, OKRs, and other relevant metrics, we track your progress accurately, making adjustments as necessary. This ensures your organization stays abreast of AI advancements, fostering clarity and momentum.

Policy and Governance

We empower organizations by guiding them in constructing robust AI governance frameworks and devising effective risk management strategies. Given the myriad potential hazards related to AI adoption – ranging from the threat of data breaches and inherent algorithmic bias to potential public perception challenges, the risk of errors intrinsic to AI, and the complexities associated with regulatory compliance – we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive policy solutions. Our custom-tailored packages cater to a diverse set of stakeholders including commercial enterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), governmental bodies, and various other entities who are keen on seamlessly integrating AI within their policy landscape.


We’ve created a program of workshops that can give your company a great idea of what AI is actually about, when you get past the hype, FOMO and misinformation. Topics range from AI basics to using the tools, types of systems, automation, contemporary uses capabilities and limits, job displacement, ethics, costs, and even ‘AI collapse.’

Formats are flexible; we’ve done 20 minute shows in front of Board execs, or day-long deep-dive hands-on training to groups of over a dozen — and everything in between. 


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The Dream Team

Our principals are market-tested veterans of leading brand, interactive, finance, pharmaceutical, and technology companies. We understand how tech and business combine to make something better, and we see the promise of AI — rightly understood — is this generation’s Killer App. Don’t get left behind.


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AI is the future of business - let's get ahead of the curve and embrace its potential to revolutionize the way we do things!

With the latest tech in our hands, we're helping folks like you ditch the boring, repetitive stuff and dive headfirst into a sea of creativity and game-changing innovation.

Using AI in your business can help you maximize efficiency, automate processes and stay ahead of the competition! It's a fun and exciting way to take your business to the next level.




AI Management = Risk Management

Generative AI presents risks such as trust erosion, security, bias, data privacy, costs, and workforce displacement. Malicious actors and biased outputs can harm customer trust. Companies must navigate a changing regulatory landscape, protect data, and ensure compliance. Addressing costs and preparing a robust risk management framework will be crucial in managing these risks.


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